Common Problems With Your Panties

If you have struggled in the past with wearing panties, thongs, and G-strings then you are not alone. Thongs and G-strings are great for disguising visible panty lines but if you do not wear them correctly you might end up feeling very uncomfortable.Today I will be sharing my top 10 tips for wearing a underwear and still feeling comfortable and maybe you will have seamless workout underwear. 



When purchasing women’s panties it is important to have a seamless workout underwear look by not having your panties to show through your clothing. A lot of that is determined by the type of material and thickness of the garment. The other thing you should pay close attention to is fit. A lot of times when you get help from the sales associate they will ask you what size you where? Well if you are a size 2# in panties, and a size 26# in jeans the sales associate may help you shop for Intimates in sizes that are smaller. But just because you wear small size in jeans does not necessarily mean you should wear a smaller size in panties. Young adult girls make the mistake of purchasing panties according to what size pants they wear, and eventually what happens is they will have bulging skin. You never want your panties to push into your skin or bulge out. You want to have a seamless appearance. To create a seamless appearance you should increase the size of your panties.




Thongs, and G-strings

Thongs and G-strings tend to divide us more than any other items. We either love them or we hate them but in my opinion a thong is a fashion essential so if you struggle to crack the code towards wearing a thong, and you do not want a thong to make you feel like it is cutting into your body then this information is for you. Firstly, let’s explain the difference between a thong and a G-string, They are both Athletic Underwear and yes they are different. The basic difference is in the waistband. A thong has a wider waistband compared to a G-string which is basically a string around the waist. A G-string also has a string that goes in between the butt-cheek area. On the other hand a thong has a wider piece of fabric that goes in between the butt- cheeks. 



 Thongs for the win

For first-timers, I do not  recommend a thong as opposed to a g-string. A thong is a little more comfortable and easier to get used to wearing and fit better than womens sports underwear. Both can be womens nylon panties



 It will take time

Now, if you are one of those people who have tried to wear a thong or a G-string in the past and you felt uncomfortable and decided they are not for you, well it is highly likely that you just have not given it enough time. When you first put on a thong they feel rather different, and you do not have that same sense of security and comfort that you are perhaps used to from wearing a full brief panty. But the key is to give it some time. You need to commit to wearing a thong for three or four days until you get to the point where it just feels like normal. What often happens is that we give up too soon! We try it on, wear it for an hour or so, and just think “no this is not comfortable, and I’m not wearing it”. But you really just need to give it a little time.






 Choose cotton over lace

For first-timers I also recommend wearing stretchy cotton fabrics. Now, these stretchy cotton fabrics are breathable and they also have a tendency to be the most comfortable to wear. I recommend that you steer clear of lace if you are a first-timer. Most lace thongs today are stretchy and comfortable and pretty easy to wear but, if you are a first-timer and you are not used to wearing thongs or G-strings I would definitely opt for a soft rich cotton fabric to start with. 

 Avoiding a “muffin-top”

If you want to avoid that sort of muffin-top look I recommend opting for a thong as opposed to a g-string. The g-string has a tendency to dig into the body especially if they are a smaller fit. So if you really do want a smooth seamless look I would definitely choose a thong as opposed to a  G-string.


Size matters

Size really does matter when it comes to thongs! Generally if you are struggling to feel comfortable while wearing a thong it often means that you are wearing a size too small. For most women we have a tendency to increase by one size when we’re wearing a thong so if you’re thinking about the normal brief size I would  recommend going up 1 size. To err on the side of caution you’re better off choosing a size that is slightly bigger than a size that is slightly too small. If it feels painful or slightly uncomfortable when sitting down, this may be the result of the small size.


Try, before you buy

Once you find a brand, and a particular thong that works for you- order online. Once you order online keep a record of your size for future references. If you purchase a thong at a retail (brick mortar) store remember to try them on over the top of your briefs to get a really good idea of what  feels the most comfortable.



A word of caution

Thongs sometimes get a bad reputation in the news media for causing an infection so if you are  prone to UTI, or bladder infections I think that you can still wear a thong very safely. You just have to be very careful and obviously change your underwear everyday. Perhaps you can just wear your thong when you really need them. For example if you are wearing a bodycon dress or skirt  to avoid problems. We carry a long line of womens sexy panties, just click the link below. 





Thongs & the gym

Thongs are good for wearing under leggings and you will tend to find that name brands are more equipped to suit your needs.The best thongs for exercising and working out are the well-known brands like Lululemon. These brands have the most stretch and breathability. I have also included other brands in the links below. For a great selection of best womens panties that stay in place try this link. 




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