How To Regrow Long and Healthy Hair

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Today I will share with you all the benefits of rosemary oil and how to use it. I think it would blow your mind if you take time to learn about all the benefits of rosemary oil. 

You would be surprised to know that rosemary oil is underutilized today because it supports energy, adrenal health, detoxification,  cancer and a whole lot more. Rosemary increases the blood circulation within your scalp which will stimulate hair growth and make your hair grow faster. 
It slows down gray hair and prevents dandruff. Rosemary is also very therapeutic because it lowers your stress levels which allows your organs to work a properly.


Rosemary oil has been extensively used and studied since ancient times for a variety of health benefits.
Today, it is included in many medical preparations with many potential offerings. It’s health benefits made it a favorite of Paracelsus: the German Swiss botanist who valued rosemary oil because of its entire body strengthening ability such as the healing of sensitive organs including the liver, heart and brain.
So what we get from rosemary oil is the three main compounds out of camphor, pentene, and cineole. These compounds added together is what gives Rosemary all of it incredible benefits.
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According to, “Modern Essentials” a guide to the therapeutic usage of essential oils: high-quality rosemary oil has a logistic, antibacterial, anti-cancer, anti fungal, anti-infection, and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary oil and teas can be added to shampoos and lotions.
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Regularly using the oil helps stimulate follicles and aide in long strong hair. You can also massage your scalp with the oil to nourish it and remove dandruff. This essential oil is a disinfectant and is often used as a mouthwash helping remove bad breath by removing bacteria and preventing cavities, and plaque buildup as well as other dental issues.
The mesmerizing aroma of Rosemary is worth noting which makes it an excellent inhalant. Rosemary makes your hair grow naturally. 
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Hair Growth

So let’s jump into the number one benefit of rosemary oil which is hair growth. Rosemary oil helps support naturally thickening hair and hair growth. If you know anyone who has thinning hair or is losing hair it is typically caused by something in the body called        D. H. T.
Losing hair is caused by dihydroxy testosterone because your body starts producing too much D. H. T. The way to combat this problem would be to taking certain herbal compounds which lower your body’s response. One of the number one herbs that helps you is rosemary.  
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More specifically rosemary essential oil which helps combat DHT so you can stop losing hair in its tracks. The other great benefit is supporting the thyroid, and adrenal organs in your body.
If you’re losing your hair it could be the result of emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies and also stem from the health of your adrenal system.
If you are getting thinning hair I will suggest that you take Rosemary essential oil in a capsule form or liquid drops as a supplement.
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The other thing you can do is create your own hair thickening serum at home. Taking several drops of Rosemary oil on your scalp consisting of 5 to 10 drops and just massage it into your scalp while leaving it there for about 30 minutes to an hour and then shower later. This can be done anytime at night or whenever you want to.
Just make sure that you thoroughly massage the Rosemary into your scalp. You can mix it with a little bit of olive oil. The next best oil after rosemary would be cedar, or sage. These oils used together will help naturally thicken the hair.  
Additionally, I would suggest making your own at-home shampoo consisting of Aloe Vera gel and rosemary oil together as a natural shampoo which will work as the best hair thickening concept out there.
A rosemary hair rinse will do wonders for your hair. And if you’re looking for an easy way to grow your hair and thicken your hair you will want to follow these instructions. First, start off with a pot of water and you are actually going to want to boil your water before you add the rosemary plant.
Once you add the rosemary plant stir the Rosemary while inside the boiling water all together. Allow the Rosemary to boil for 10 minutes until it darkens. Then let the pot cool off for about another 10 minutes. 
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Once the water is cooled down pour the water into a jar and make sure you have a mesh strainer to capture any fallen leaves. The hair rinse should look greenish, or yellowish and then add some apple cider vinegar, possibly 4 tablespoons which will help provide a great shine and glossy look for your hair.
Stir and apply the (rosemary) shampoo to your hair. Allow the tips of your hair to dip inside the jar to make sure that all of your ends are soaked inside the jar of Rosemary. Then pour the rinse all over your scalp and make sure you do not get this in your eye as it will sting. After you are finished do not rinse the Rosemary out of your hair. Allow your hair to air-dry naturally and you will see a difference in your hairs length and richness. You will see how fast hair does grow.
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