GETTING RID OF ACNE    FAST! 

About 20% of women suffer from adult acne and while you may think it’s a thing of the past some women suffer worse than when they were in their teens. Genetics, bacteria, sex hormones, skin cells blockage pores all contribute to acne problems. 


When it comes to acne scars and spots, not only do they make you feel unattractive but they always feel incredibly difficult to take care of. Additionally, while they are forming they are extremely painful and when they finally leave, they are always prone to scarring.

When this is an ongoing problem it becomes frustrating and it only makes sense that you want to get rid of them as fast as possible! Here are a few methods you can use to help get rid of your acne scars and spots within a short time.

1.Your Pillow

You sleep on your pillow for about seven to eight hours a night and there is dirt, oil, and bacteria from your face and hands. The dirt is transferred back into your face which clogs up your pores. That’s why it is very important to wash your pillowcase often. The general recommendation is once a week for pillowcases. Additionally, the pillow inside the case is also a breeding ground for dead skin cells. Your sweat breeds bacteria. 


2.Remove Iodine

Be careful with multivitamins that contain iodine which can create a reaction causing acne. Avoid multivitamins which contain iodine. Also avoid Anabolic steroids which can possibly cause a bad reaction. 


3.Washing Daily 

Washing your face twice daily. Makeup can affect acne. Heavy makeup can block pores. So washing your face daily helps remove residue.  However makeup that are are mineral-based and powdery are considered better for the skin and can even promote healing in some cases.


4.Zinc (Zinc Picalinate) 

Dietary zinc is one of the most studied and natural treatments for acne. Acne sufferers tend to have more deficiencies in minerals and zinc is one of those common deficiencies. Zinc eliminates acne causing bacteria and it is anti-inflammatory in a way that fights acne-prone skin by reducing the inflammatory response to acne causing bacteria. 



Probiotics makes a difference in your well-being by creating a healthy balance of  good bacteria vs bad bacteria that is important to your digestive health.


6.Vitamin D 

Vitamin D helps combat inflammation and infection which are the two things that make acne. Vitamin D deficiency is definitely more common with acne sufferers then with those who have clear skin.


Vitamin D also has an effect on the inflammatory response of our skin. This basically helps protect your skin from the irritation that can happen-it can help reduce the number of inflammatory acne.  Vitamin D3 is highly recommended.





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