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The number of women opting for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy has constantly increased. A 2013 study found that reconstruction rates increased from 46% of women following mastectomies in 1998 to 63% in 2007. But, if you are apprehensive about having another surgery, don't have time to recuperate from the one or more surgeries needed, have other health difficulties, or just decide reconstruction is not for you, there are alternative possibilities. Most ladies have their artificial breast shapes custom-made. They can be created from a variety of materials, including silicone gel, foam, or fiberfill, to simulate the weight and sensation of a genuine breast. Some breast forms cling directly to the chest, while others fit around the chest.

Silicone breasts inserts


Polyester Breast Forms

A leisure breast form is any breast form that is not silicone-based. These forms are often comprised of foam, fiberfill, polyester fiberfill, or even beaded materials that are wrapped in a fabric shell. Leisure forms can be worn within a pocketed mastectomy bra. Weighted or unweighted breast shapes are available. Certain leisure forms are composed of water-resistant material. And can be worn while swimming Leisure forms are lighter, cooler, and more comfortable than silicone breast forms. To find out more click here.

Poly Breasts forms


Silicone Breast Forms

Silicone breast forms are intended to resemble real breasts in appearance and feel. Silicone forms were once composed of solid silicone, which made them heavy and difficult to wear in hot weather. Newest models contain air pockets that make them lighter and more pleasant to wear. Even newer silicone breast forms come in a variety of weights, allowing you to choose one that matches your other breast. When your breast shape corresponds to your breast size and weight, it helps to reduce back muscle tension and pain. A silicone form can be worn within a pocketed bra. Some silicone forms have adhesive backings and may be worn directly on your chest  

   Silicone breast inserts

Bigger Size                       

Bra inserts are detachable pads that increase coverage, lift, definition, and shape. Choose a set of inserts made of cotton, polyester, or silicone if you want a natural boost, more coverage, enhanced cleavage, or bigger cup size. The distinction will appear as soon as you slip them into your bra or bathing suit! How can I increase my breast size is a question that women worldwide want to know the answer to. 

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    Uneven Breasts

If your bust is smaller or uneven, Purchase silicone pads marketed as "bust enhancement pads" or anything like that. If you want to make your figure appear more prominent, choose two silicone pads; otherwise, use one pad to make your bust appear more even. These pads often offer full coverage, and they are silicone pads for uneven breasts.

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Removable Bra Pads

Choose full-size push-up inserts for more cleavage and lift. Use push-up pads to achieve a voluptuous, seductive appearance. These go inside your bra and offer lift and definition throughout complete coverage. Your bra size will determine what size push-up inserts you should buy. Full-size inserts are triangular in design, and they suit well with ensembles for date night or the nightclub each of these are removable bra pads

 Removable bra inserts


More Cleavage

To achieve the most lift and breast enlargement, choose silicone inserts. You may boost the form, lift, and cleavage of your bra by adding silicone inserts, which are soft plastic cushions. Their broad base lifts your breasts up and forward for the best compliment to your bra. In addition, these often come in a single uniform size. Silicone inserts are available in round and half-moon forms, and they can increase by up to a cup size. Typically, they are translucent and make great breasts enhancers.

Adhesive Bra   

  Placement & Position 

Put on your bra-Fasten the bra band until it is the right size, then drape the straps across your shoulders. Once your bra is on your body, you will add the inserts. The inserts should be placed at the bottom of both bra cups. You want to avoid bra stuffing. Put an insert inside your bra's cup by pulling it forward. Then repeat for the second cup. Your breast's base should have the insert's thickest portion. The insert will rest between your bra and your skin; simply make sure it fits properly on top of the bottom band of your bra. Try holding your insert in place with a double-stick fashion place if you don't want it to move. If you'd like, you could use a safety pin to secure them twice as well or even sew them in place. To check the insert location and make necessary adjustments, put on a shirt. Once your inserts are in place, dress up and look in the mirror. Examine the sides and form of your breasts, and if necessary, adjust your inserts. For example, adjust the inserts so that both sit entirely beneath your bust if one side appears to be fuller than the other. 

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 Inserts for Sportswear 

Find the opening on the top of your swimming suit. The beginning of majority of bathing suits starts at your bust line, often at the extreme edge of your top toward your arms. Locate the opening by placing your bathing suit top on a flat surface and running your fingertips down the breast line. If your top has no opening already, cut a slit into the lining. It's acceptable if your bathing suit doesn't have an opening! Cut a 1-2 inch (2.5-5.1 cm) broad incision along the bust line in your suit's lining using scissors.Your insert should fit into the hole on the top of your bathing suit. You may gently press the inserts into the incision or slit you made by lightly squeezing their sides. Because your inserts are more significant than the size of your slits, they will stay in place.

  Bra inserts for sports bra 



Silicone inserts may be cleaned using a washcloth, soap, and water. Hold your silicone inserts under warm running water when you're ready to wash them. Then, using a washcloth and some hand or dish soap, scrub the cups in a circular motion. Remove any residual soap and water by rinsing. Wash your inserts with a dime-sized quantity of soap. For the two of them, this ought to be more than plenty. Your inserts should air dry. Both your fabric and silicone inserts should be left out to dry rather than being machine dried. Before laying the inserts out to dry, you can realign them with your hands if they are folded or shaped strangely after washing. Silicone inserts may be dried off with a towel after around 30 minutes. Inserts made of cloth will dry in 2-4 hours. You may either leave your inserts lying on a flat surface or attach them to a drying rack.

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