How to remove stretch marks


"Stretch Marks can form due to a dozen different reasons; pregnancy, weight gain, going through puberty, growth spurts,  can cause these unwanted marks."
Anywhere from 70% – to 90% of women have stretch marks. So what are they? They are scars inside the dermis and epidermis caused by a tearing or stretching of the dermal component . Basically, you lose elastin and collagen that translates into scars that you actually see on the surface. (They are a common side effects of pregnancy).  


Stretch marks start with weight gain.The more weight you gain the more likely you will have stretch marks. Now you can take back control over your skin and make sure you'll never suffer from stretch marks again! No need to cover up on the beach or be embarrassed around new company. Regain your confidence with the market's #1 stretch mark reversal cream,

When do stretch marks begin?
Stretch marks occur because the elastin fibers in the collagen beneath the overstretched skin are damaged and inflamed . Adolescent girls and boys get stretch marks because of growth spurts.

 Pregnant women are susceptible to stretch marks because of their expanding belly and widening hips and legs  Bodybuilders are at risk of getting stretch marks because of the dramatic increase of the muscle size. Some of the trauma associated with stretch marks are not physical but the emotional feeling of not feeling beautiful and attempting the hide or cover the marks because they are linked to the stereotype of unappealing.


The skin is composed of three layers – epidermis which is the outermost layer of the skin and responsible for protecting us from harm. The dermis – which is the middle layer of the skin that consists of connective tissue and cushions the body against stress and strain. Hypodermitis is the last in the deepest layer of the skin. 


 Is there any medical reason of stretch marks? 

There is no specific reason, however if you’re gaining weight rapidly and eating large amounts of food your skin is going to stretch. There is no known medical disorder which is going to give you stretch marks. 

They initially appear as a red line or lines in the skin. Around 90% of women will have stretch marks and it is also dependent on your heredity so if your mother had stretch marks you are also to most likely have stretch marks . 

Are stretch marks preventable?
Drinking large amounts of water can help. During weight pregnancy your body undergoes various changes, and to cope with these alterations you need to hydrate yourself properly . 

Water maintains energy in the body, prevents constipation, removes toxins from the body, and is also crucial for healthy blood cells. However, if the site of stretch marks on your body bother you psychologically – you can always search for alternative methods like having a tentative meeting with a dermatologist and disgust laser treatment which can prevent stretch marks but complete healing will not occur. 
What foods should I eat to prevent stretch marks?
Eat a lot of vitamin rich food such as a fruit, vegetables , and drink liquids- particularly water. Stretch marks are preventable up to an extent. Vitamin c, vitamin d enriched diet , omega-3 fish diet, fruit and vegetable diets , walnuts are all great paths to prevention. 

Cantaloupe melons are so effective that a full cantaloupe can accomplish 100% requirement of vitamin a and c. Cantaloupe fights infection, boosts immunity and reduces B. P. This makes cantaloupe a great pregnancy food. Pomegranate: This petite red pearl – like seeds of pomegranate can wonders in combating with a common dilemma called pregnancy anemia.
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By doing a daily gentle massage of the abdominal area with cocoa butter and other oils or massage lotions can help to prevent stretch marks by keeping the skin supple and preventing it from getting too stressed out. But of course with time and the tightening of your skin and the toning of your skin stretch marks will slightly become fainted . 

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